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Chinese Medical Association Burns Surgery Branch of the 2016 annual meeting in Kunming, the smooth ending

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Autumn October, autumn, is the so-called "summer retreat Jiuxiao net, autumn Cheng Wan Jingqing", October 26, 2016, Chinese Medical Association of Burn Surgery 2016 academic annual meeting in Kunming grand opening. The exhibition is organized by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Association Burn Surgery Branch, Yunnan Medical Association, Kunming Medical University, the second affiliated hospital contractor, "modern burn surgery comprehensive treatment exploration, innovation and development" as the theme, focus on exchange of burns Comprehensive treatment of the forefront and hot issues, publish the latest theory, the latest policy, the latest technology and related research. The conference invited well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to give speeches and special reports.



To meet the forefront of medical burn surgery technology, and strengthen cooperation with experts and scholars of burns communication and communication, Nanjing Sunway biotechnology companies were represented at the meeting.



During the exhibition, Nanjing Bioway biological products, a one-time use of negative pressure drainage kit with its unique bio-dressing material to win the public experts and scholars of the eye can be used for fixed polymer bandage and medical polymer burns, self-negative pressure High-pressure drainage bottle has been recognized by everyone, and attracted the famous expert and President of the General Assembly Hu Dahai, a well-known experts and the Executive Chairman of the General Assembly Fu Jinfeng, well-known experts and the Secretary-General Wei Dinan attention, and posed for pictures.