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The Importance Of Leukocyte Reduction Filter Products For Transfusion Patients

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"The transfusion equipment is divided into white blood cell filter (for red blood cell transfusion) and platelet filter (for platelet transfusion). The main reason why the department introduces this equipment is because the hematology department transfuses a particularly large number of patients, and ensuring the safety of blood transfusion is a top priority.


Some patients may have non-hemolytic transfusion reactions (such as allergic reactions, chills, high fever) during the transfusion process, which may even be life-threatening in serious cases. When patients have these reactions, doctors usually recommend discarding the remaining untransfused blood for safety reasons, which is a great pity. The "culprit" of adverse transfusion reactions is lymphocytes, which are mainly found in white blood cells, and transfusion of white blood cells may transmit related viruses such as human cytomegalovirus, human immunodeficiency virus and human T-lymphocyte virus.


Leukocytes are contained in the components of washed red blood cells and oligoleukocyte red blood cells that are often infused in clinical practice. The main material of the leukocyte filter is a poly-thread fiber nonwoven, which is able to achieve both smooth passage of red blood cells without damage and maximum filtration of leukocytes (capable of filtering out 99.99% of leukocytes), which is safer and more effective than manual de-whitening.


Many of our post-transplant patients have to take their blood to the radiotherapy area for irradiation before they can be transfused, the purpose of which is to kill lymphocytes, but this is expensive, with one irradiation costing more than a bag of 2 units of red blood cells. Now the white blood cell filter will be able to completely replace radiotherapy irradiation, and also prevent post-transplant anti-host disease to some extent, at an economical price, greatly reducing the financial burden on the patient. "


The platelet filter has reduced the ineffective infusion of platelets to some extent, which makes it safer for patients and more reassuring for doctors!"

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