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Disposable prostatic dilation catheter


Product overview:

Transurethral prostatic rod water sac incision (referred to as "the transurethral prostatic surgery") is a medical outstanding achievements in scientific research by Guo Yinglu, the medical expert in Department of Urology at the first hospital of Peking University, and other medical experts. It takes more than twenty years of continuous exploration and practice and continuous improvement, and won the Chinese health development the fund named "outstanding achievement award" in 2012. This technology has won praise and recognition in China and abroad in the field of Urology.

Disposable prostatic dilation catheter produced by our company is base on the technology of transurethral dilation of the prostate by Mr Guo, use Nanjing Gulou Hospital of Jiangsu Province, former director of the Department of Urology of Professor Huang Weiguo's patent (Patent No.: ZL 201220707109.5). It is a new product after the technical improvement developed jointly. Using this product for treatment is minimally invasive, painless and convenient, keeping the original organs and sequelae. It is an ideal choice for elderly patients who are weak and unwilling to remove prostate tissue and can not tolerate surgical resection.

Product Structure:

The disposable prostatic expanding catheter consists of the expanding catheter, the guide wire (optional) and the pressure gauge (optional)

Product Scope:

It is suitable for patients with obvious obstruction caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia

Product Advantages:

1. Surgery-free

Because of the Transurethral dilation of the prostate (TUSP) without resection of the prostate tissue, minimal trauma, can not only retain the original organ, but also retains the original function. Eliminate the fear for elderly patients about surgery.

2. two technical innovations:

Part of the hyperplastic prostate is displaced under the high pressure of the water sac, partly membranous urethra, part of the prostate gland and capsule dehiscence.

After the prostate gland and the capsule split at 12 points, the posterior pubic fat, the fascia tissue fills the interspace, as well as the urethral tissue bulge embedment, causes the gland and the capsule to be unable to close the reduction, therefore the urethra long-term unobstructed.

3., three key breakthroughs:

It breaks through the forbidden area of membranous urethra which can not be expanded

It breaks through the traditional concept that non-surgical removal of the original organs can not be treated

Breakthrough in the traditional method of resection of hyperplastic tissue in the prostate capsule

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